the ephlats | a somewhat longer history

The Ephlats were formed in the fall of 1956 by a core of three sophomores including Jack Hyland, Jr. ('59), from the one singing group at the Haverford School in Pennsylvania. They knew enough songs together to start a singing group at college, and they attracted four others to join. Unfortunately, they never took new members in their four years, and in the spring of 1959, they graduated and the group was no more. But not for long. In the fall of 1959, John Conner ('63), Richard Mitchell ('63) and others restarted the group. These two were roommates in Sage Hall during their freshman year and they both had sung with The Buttondowns, a high school a cappella group from The Pingry School in New Jersey. This time they began recruiting new members from the freshman class each year, starting with the class of 1964.

The next major change came when Williams accepted women for the first time. In relatively short order, the Ephlats followed suit and took three women in their first year as an all-gender group. By this time, the group had moved away from its a cappella origins and performed with guitars, a double bass and various percussion instruments.

At the end of the 1970's, interest in the group died out, and the members decided they had better things to do with their time. So, for the second time, the Ephlats dissolved.

This time it was a group from the Williams Springstreeters that restarted the Ephlats. With Kendal James ('84), Caragh O'Bryan ('84)--who became the music director--and Blake Martin ('84), they reformed in the fall of 1982. Somewhat ironically, James, like Connor and Mitchell, was also an alum of The Pingry School and The Buttondowns. This time, the Ephlats returned to an a cappella format: one of their show-stoppers in the early years was "For the Longest Time" by Billy Joel.

Since that time, the Ephlats have remained a cohesive singing group -- we are now in our 64th year. The Ephlats have produced several albums over the years. At least three on vinyl, several on audio tape, and the latest five on CD. Our albums, including our most recent release, Hushed Intensity, can be purchased by contacting the business manager, RB Smith.

This somewhat comprehensive history was compiled by Scott Case ('98) with the help of Jack Hyland, Jr. ('59), Richard L. Mitchell ('63) and Kendal James ('84). Dan Seaton ('01) and Zach Yeskel ('04) served as a contributing editors for later updates.

blast from the past: Alumni

The Williams College Ephlats have a long and storied history. Below is a list of all known Ephlats members, past and present. For more information about a current member, click on the "members" tab.



Emma Benjamin
Samuel Chapin
Alex Marshall


Rebecca Comella
Eric Hagen
Dylan Meacham
Mike Vercillo


Nate Barker
Izzy Griffin-Smith
Anna Marrs
Jordan Roberts
Carrie Shirley
Chie Togami


Jordan Freking
Tiamoya Ford
Nathaniel Kastan


Tess Bingham
Andrew Dominitz
Clare Quinlan
Nathaniel Hewett
Andrea Ludtke


Crosby Fish
Kristen Layden
Elizabeth Ruebush
Chris Ting



Helen Hatch
Jessica Kopcho
Kate Johnson
Zach Safford
Stefanie Williams
Daniel Abraham Winston


Constantine Mavroudis
Steve Melis
Trevor Newman
Kate Peterson
Andrew Wang
Caitlin Warthin


Cailin Collins
Nim Deshpande
Alanna Dowman
Jessica Hubbard
Liz Spragins
Ruth Steinhardt


Sasha Gsovski


John Backus Mayes
Ryan Boyd
Dave Cohen
Liz Dimenno
Micah Halsey
Ashok Pillai
Laura Wiens
Lili Zimmet


Laura Day
Dan Murnane
Jamie O'Leary
Eliza Segell
Chris Vazquez
Zach Yeskel
Brent Yorgey


Heather Brubaker
Debby Chen
Jamon Frostenson
Lucas 'Goody' Goodbody
Josh Kotin
Freeden Oeur
Stu Warshawer


Gabe Brammer
Sarah Hart
Darci Powell
Charles Samuels


Charley Abernathy
Matt Atwood
Bess Berg
Phoebe Geer
Jane Knight
Lucas Peterson
Sarah Richland
Dan Seaton


Kevin Russell



Rachel Axler
Mark D'Arrigo
Rachel Mayer
Catherine Polisi
Nat Roland
Mary-Jane Rubenstein


Scott Case
Lizi Craft
Anne Pitts


Pete MacKenzie
Mike Norton
Kirsten Paquette
Thomas Reid


Jessica Carroll
Jane Roper


Greg Goff
Andy Evans
Marc Johnson
Chris Kim
Al Matthews
Anne Marie Reardon
Mahri Relin
Emily Sterne


Oakland B. Adams, III
Kristen Anderson
Jon Butler
Schan Duff
A. Joshua Parillo


Eve Epstein
Meg Forbush Menkov
Mark A. Rigby
Patricia A.P. Rutins
Harry Yoon


Ronald Eltanal
Brian Fox
Don Graves, Jr.
Debra L. Kassoff
Robert Kim


Ellen Highstone Cohan
Korey Ireland
Glenn Northern
Charley Rardin
Elizabeth A. Rogers
Eliza S. Shin
Kathia A. Vandevenne-Lehman


Catherine Hirshfeld Crouch
Carolyn D. Hassett
Scott D. Monroe



John Andrews
Todd Pelkey
Rebecca Salazar
Timothy Shaw


Joyce Noonan Andersen
Kurt Klebe
Julie Medalis
C. Scott Rigby
Victoria L. Rummler
Thomas Smith


Darca L. Boom
Diane Ouchterloney
Jared Stamm


Eric Andren
Mark Averitt
Heidi K. Brackenridge
Caroline L. Cento
Libby Miles Clawson


Andrew Cypiot
Jennifer M. Lawson
Daniel Pierce


Sara C. Abend
Sean Crotty
Kendall James
Brook E. Larmer
Blake Martin
Caragh M. O'Brien
Meg Schofield


John Carlson
Richard Gagliano
Jonathan David Meer
Julie Brooks Zelle


Joel Bernard
Sally A. Kornbluth
Susan P.E. Richmond
Katherine A. Spees


Mark Ballesteros
Sarah A. Cart
Steve Colt
Robert Duke
Richard Stamberger


Elizabeth L. Abbot
Elizabeth Varley Camp
Monica J. Dumouchel
Lee S. Szykowny
Toby Williams



Betty Agostino
Vernon Fritch
Diane M. Hovenesian
Stewart Menking
Gwen L. Nichols
Henry Sprague III
Betty Sproul
Laurie Swanson
David Vipond ' 79 Wayne Wilkins


Michael Crowley
Stuart Deans
Mary E. Donahue
Peter Gloo
Peter Gunther
Sally K. Hughes
Harold Kislik
Eugenia McGill
Anne Paxton Wagley


Elizabeth F. Beck
Charlene R. Horst
Garrett McManus
Judith M. Pile
Richard Spicer
Martha A. Williamson


Welles Adams, Jr.
Suzanne Ehrenberg
Jim Gilliand
Barbard Thomas Parkman
Scott Reynolds
Scott Schumacker
Joseph Sena, Jr.
Norman Wikner


Anthony Brown
Sheila J. Brown
Melinda R. Hamilton
Bart Hamlin
Alicia M. Kershaw
Martin McGowan, Jr.
Margaret Anne Race
James Riordan
Barbara Rubin
Charles Safford
Ralph Shipley III
Chris Wolf


Lois E. Bailey
J. David Page
Steven Reuman
Peter C. Talbert
Iris J. Wolinsky


Jane F. Casey
Linda V. Heath
Christopher Pitt
Michael Prigoff
Douglass Ray
Sandra L. Read


Jean Ferguson Carr
Margaret E. Clark
Thomas Costello
Dorothy R. Jacobson
Alexandra T. Potts
Adrienne H. Richter
Douglas Stiles


Jim Ackerly
Peter Clarke
W. Pike Talbert


Charles Curtis
Franklin Kelton, Jr.
Craig Miller
John Obourn
David Prouty
John Therrien

1960s and 1950s


Michael Hand
William Hoffman
David Mason, Jr.


Thomas Beach
Stephen Bradley
Robert Chambers, Jr.
Wendell Dickerson, Jr.
Henry Drinker
Mark Jacox
Charles Edwin Potts II
David Strong
J. Curtis Tyler III


W. Gordon Allen
F. Arnold Heller
Howard Klee, Jr.
O. William McClung
J. Burke Moody
Carroll Perry
Robert Trent, Jr.
Cadwell Tyler III


James Biehle
Thomas Gunn
Charles Staelin
Charles Tucker
John O. Young III


Dana Ackerly
Bruce Eames
Tom Gregory
Prescott Kelly
Andrew Sawyer, Jr.


John Cannon
Robert Furey, Jr.
Jay Heller IV
David Macpherson
Richard Mitchell
James Ogilvy
John Romans
Richard Rosan
Stephen Rose
Robert Strong, Jr.
Thomas Tarbox


Stuart Brown
John Churchill
Robert Ciulla
John Connor, Jr.
J. Terrance Davis
David Jeffrey
Philip Reynolds
Robert Taylor


William Arend
Kem Bawden
Allan Benton
Johnston Boyden
Paul Distler
Alan Donovan
John Hyland, Jr.
George Northrop
Bradford Smith III