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so you want to be an ephlat.

first off, where and when?

Auditions this year will be conducted via recordings. The deadline for submitting a recording is 11:59pm on September 23rd.

How does it work?

For your audition you will need to record a video of yourself singing a range test, pitch matching exercise and an ~acapella~ (by that we mean just your voice) solo of a verse and a chorus or a 1 minute sample of a song that best fits your voice. We have linked a drive with video clips for the range test and pitch matching by voice part that you should sing along to.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Please first introduce yourself with your name and pronouns. Next, you will sing along to a series of range tests. In the drive you will find one labeled with your voice part. If you are not sure about your voice part consider watching this video which should help. Sing along with the audio in the video on the syllable "ah". If you can, please play the range test loud enough so that it can be heard on the video. Next you will sing a pitch matching exercise also in the video. Please play it so that it is audible in your recording. Please do not hum or sing along with the exercise. You may play the exercise as many times as you need and once comfortable, repeat what you’ve heard in the track on any syllable (ooh, ah, eee etc.)
  2. Now the fun part! Please sing a solo of either a verse and a chorus, or a 1 - 1.5 minute sample of a song of your choice. Pick something that showcases your voice and only your voice. No background instrumentals necessary or allowed. We want to see what you can do!

Your entire audition should be recorded in one take (you can listen to the pitch matching as many times as you need to, but please keep the film rolling as you do so). We ask that you do not use any fancy recording equipment or editing after you film.

Once done upload your video here

If you have any questions, or if any part of this audition presents any difficulties, please let us know, we want to help you make the best video possible.

Some tips for getting the best sound:

  • If possible, record the audition on your phone (or have a friend record) and play the range test and pitch matching on your laptop or other device loud enough to hear on the video.
  • Try and record in a quiet space. Feel free to have water between the sections.
  • Practice one or two times before you make the video to troubleshoot and test out the recording capabilities of your devices.

Have fun! We are so excited to ~hear~ you!!!!!

What happens then?

After first-round auditions, callbacks will be conducted September 28 - October 2 through zoom.

What are we looking for?

This year, we have openings for all voice parts (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass)! We are also in the market for a beatboxer (vocal percussion), so we would especially encourage you to try out if you've got some skill in that department.

How many people do you call back?

Typically, we get around 70-80 first-round auditions. Out of those, we call back about 20. On any given year, we typically take three to five new members.

The only singing I do is in the shower. Should I audition?

Yes! The great thing about Williams a cappella is that you don't need to be a musical genius or a natural-born performer. Even if you think singing isn't your forte, we encourage you to try out for as many groups as you can. You might surprise yourself!

Your FAQ sucks. I have more questions.

No problem! Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have! Auditions can be a stressful and mysterious process, but we're here to make things simpler for you. Good luck!