est. 1956 | Williams College

so you want to be an ephlat.

first off, where and when?

Auditions have concluded for this semester, but stay tuned for information about the next audition cycle!

How does it work?

Very simple. Show up to your scheduled audition time a few minutes early to fill out a little information slip. We'll do some exercises to warm up your voice, and then figure out your singing range and do a little pitch matching. After that, you'll sing for us the part (or whole, if you want) of the song you've prepared. It can be anything! Seriously, we've heard everything from "Happy Birthday" to Gin and Juice.

What happens then?

After first-round auditions, we hold callbacks to give auditionees another chance to show off their voice!

What are we looking for?

We have openings for all voice parts (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass)! We are also in the market for a beatboxer (vocal percussion), so we would especially encourage you to try out if you've got some skill in that department.

How many people do you call back?

Typically, we get around 50-60 first-round auditions. Out of those, we call back about 20. On any given year, we typically take three to five new members.

The only singing I do is in the shower. Should I audition?

Yes! The great thing about Williams a cappella is that you don't need to be a musical genius or a natural-born performer. Even if you think singing isn't your forte, we encourage you to try out for as many groups as you can. You might surprise yourself!

Your FAQ sucks. I have more questions.

No problem! Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have! Auditions can be a stressful and mysterious process, but we're here to make things simpler for you. Good luck!