est. 1956 | Williams College

who are the ephlats?

Well that's hard to say. We are a motley collection of singers and songwriters, dancers and drifters, geniuses and idiots, poets and mathematicians... you get the point. We're really just a bunch of people who love coming together to make music with our mouths.

Established in 1956, we are Williams College's oldest continously running acapella group. We've been around for a while, so if you would like to learn more about our long and storied history, click the button!

We love making music. Below you will find videos of our past performances, as well as our current repertoire. Check out our album, Hushed Intensity, and keep an eye out for our upcoming album. Feel free to click around the site. Happy Listening!

Ephlats - o - vision

Spring 2020 Phlig repertoire

Song Solo Arrangement
Jerome / You Don't Own Me (mashup) Melia Hagino '22, Amanda Madsen '21 Zoe Kaegi '23
Take It Easy Nick Couch '21, Ian Pultz-Earle '21 Curren Flaherty '23
Tightrope Hallie Della-Volpe '21 Amanda Madsen '21, Eddie Wolfson '23, Caroline Fairweather '20
Hallelujah I Love Her So Afoma Maduegbuna '21 Hugo Hua '22, Ian Pultz-Earle '21
Northern Downpour RB Smith '20 Curren Flaherty '23
What I'm Doing Here Anna Passannante '20 Anna Passannante '20
River Caroline Fairweather '20 Sarah Cooperman '17