est. 1956 | Williams College

"The Ephlats are by far the best group that I ever heard during my time here at Williams"

Every Williams Graduate

What do you get when you combine 5 sopranos, 5 altos, 5 tenors, and 4 basses? The Ephlats, Williams College's oldest continously running a capella group.

"The way they make noises with their mouths both mesmerizes and befuddles me"

George Clooney

New album!

We just released our new album, titled All The Rest! Check it out!

The ephlats | a short history

Founded in 1956, The Williams College Ephlats is an all-gender a cappella group from Williams College. The group derives its name from the college mascot (a purple cow affectionately known as Ephelia, or an Eph for short), and is the mostenduring a cappella group at Williams, with an alumni network of over 300 former members.

We sing from a wide range of musical genres, from popular songs to jazz standards to original compositions. Check out our discography and our recent repertoire here. Along with a few major concerts on campus every year, the Ephlats have two major tours per year, as well as a number of smaller regional bookings. Previous tour and performance locations include New York City, Lake Placid, and Palm Beach, among others.

The Ephlats recently released our studio album, Hushed Intensity, and are currently finishing up our next. For more information and bookings, please contact us. If you're dying to know more about us, click here for a comprehensive history of our group.